Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz is a castle in Germany that was built over 800 years ago. It is still owned by the Eltz family. It is located in Western Germany near the town of Münstermaifeld.
The castle is more of a fortified residence than a fortress. The castle construction was stretched out over a period of 500 years.
It is located in a valley and the river Eltz flows around it on three sides. You have to park at the top and you can see the castle below. It is a long walk down the mountain and each turn as you get closer the castle gets more beautiful. Of course the problem is you have to walk all the way back up, and it is a tough climb.
The castle was closed when we went in March., it is only open from April to November.
This is a three shot HDR, tonemapped to enhance the sky. Since the focal point is on the drawbridge, the castle itself has a softer focus. I wanted to emphasis the stone structure.

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Harvey said...

An absolutely gorgeous shot! A real "keeper."