Eight Seconds can be an Eternity

Felix hopped onto the saddle and cinched himself tight. He dug his boots deep into the stirrups and pulled his hat down low. He was nervous but his determination overcame his jitters. When he was ready he gave a nod and held on firmly as the horse took off like it was shot out of a cannon.
Felix dug the heels of his boots into the side of the wild bronco as it bucked and kicked violently. He arched his back and threw his free arm over his head trying to impress the judges and get maximum points. He only needed to stay on for eight seconds but it seemed like he was spending an eternity on the back of that ferocious beast. And then suddenly it was over. The horse just slowed down and stopped, perhaps realizing that it’s efforts to throw the young rider were futile.
Felix turned and looked at his mother, flashing his toothless grin. “That was fun Mom!!” he shouted, “Can I do it again?? Please can I?? Please?”
His mother dug into her purse and pulled out two more quarters, “Just once more,” she said as she slid the coins into the slot.
Tribute to the Range Riders by Constance Whitney Warren
Oklahoma State Capitol Grounds
3 shot HDR taken on a windy day

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