Sign from the Heavens

That was the words echoing through his head when he told her he wanted to end their relationship. She had been the love of his life for twenty years but he realized they were through.

As the years went by, his love for her blossomed. She was his constant companion. They were always united. No matter what obstacles were thrown their way, they managed to work through it together.
But, as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever. It started with a disagreement and turned into disenchantment. The problems became harder to overcome. They broke apart a few times only to reunite quickly. But lost jobs, money problems, and long angry arguments took its heavy toll. After twenty years they were finally finished.
When he walked out of the bar, the clouds dispersed and the sun broke through brightening the day. He took that as a sign from the heavens, this time he was done with alcohol for good.
Part of my "1100 words" project. Three shot HDR, resized to a square, taken in Rudeshiem, Germany.


Harvey said...

Dennis....what is the "1100 words" project? Something coming down the pike?

Dennis Church said...

1100 words is an ongoing project where I write a short story (100 words or so) to go along with a photo (a picture is worth...)