The Sign Project

I've been thinking about a new project for a while. I haven't made it a priority, just something I will do from time to time.

I have been paying close attention to signage while I am out and about for the past couple of months and decided that I needed to start capturing some of the more interesting ones. It's a sad fact that for economical reasons, most businesses opt for the flat rectangle back-lit sign. Drive down any street and it's just blah, blah, blah. Or should I say box, box box.

Yep, they don't make them like they used to. However, there are some of the old ones still around and those are the ones I'm interested in.

Art's Television Sales and Service on NW 6th is a symbol of a bygone era. Nowadays it is cheaper to buy a new TV instead of repair the old one.

The corner signs of the Fred Jones Mfg. Co plant.
At first glance I think that Joe's sign needs a paint job. Then I realized it's supposed to look weathered.

Charcoal Oven is pretty iconic. I have driven up and down Northwest Expressway at least a hundred times. Until I took this photo, then went east a couple of miles, I never realized that they had than one location. This one is now closed. The other one has a much larger version of this sign with neon, I'll have to go there one night and get it.

Deep Rock is an old petroleum company. The deep etched sign above the door has been these for a long time. 

On Classen Blvd, the Sunshine Cleaners sign is still there, even though the cleaner is long gone.
Real conversation: "Excuse me, how old is this sign"
"Real old"
"Is it original, was it built the same time as the motel?"
"How old is the motel?"
"Real old."

Texaco sign at an antique shop on NE 23rd.
Classen Inn, is that supposed to look like some kind of antennae?
Located a little bit downtown, well more like right next door to it at Johnny's Lunch Box 413 Sheridan. A double sign win as the big red circle sticks out on the sidewalk while the subtle black and metal wall plaque lets you know more when you walk in the door.

On Central Street where I found this well worn cross hanging on a church. In case you have a hard time reading it says Jesus The Son of God Saves and Heals. I wonder if the neon still works?
The Larsen Music sign is your usual run of the mill rectangles but the addition of the giant music notes really make this sign a winner

The Union Bus Station with it's big blue and white marquee style sign.
Mr Keen's Cleaners. Been there as long as I can remember.

Bob Wood's Del City Music marquee from the old Del City Theater. Sad to see this one closed.
The Entrance to the Underground is a familiar sign in downtown OKC.

The Tower Theater sign on NW 23rd is now being restored

George's Liquors right across from the Deep Rock building

Barnes Wrecker Service uses a mini version of a tow truck for their sign on SE 29th St

The old Knob Hill Theater in Capitol Hill. They kept the original sign and changed the letters when it became the Oklahoma Opry. Here is a link to what the sign looked like in 1984.

This Giant Warehouse is an old grocery store sign on Portland and SE 29th.

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