The Sickness

Jordie slumped in the corner, her body trembling with the realization of what she had just done. She drew her knees close to her chest, closed her eyes tightly and slowly rocked back and forth.
She forced her eyes open and saw the shotgun where she had dropped it, fine wisps of smoke still slowly rising from the barrels. And beyond that, the outline of a body lay motionless on the floor.
Jordie's ears were still ringing from the boom of the shotgun blast. She replayed the entire incident in her mind... his coming at her... yelling at him to back off... raising the barrel of the gun... the lunge... the blast... the end.
Jordie was sure someone heard it, she waited in the dark silence for someone to come. She shivered even though it was mid-August. Waiting for the sirens, waiting for someone to come through the door, waiting... exhausted... passing out.
When she regained consciousness, her body was stiff from being on the hard floor. She raised up, trying to clear her head. That's when she noticed that her father was gone.
And so was the shotgun.
Three shot HDR, taken between Springfield and Joplin, MO. Cross-process filter and barrel correction.

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