City at Night

This is a rarity for me, I hardly ever venture out at night. Ever since I started wearing glasses I have a problem with depth perception in the dark. Plus my wife and I don't particularly enjoy the nightlife or the drunken party goers that accompany it.
So I was out in the afternoon trying to find something to shoot when the heat started getting to me, and I went back home. With the wife out of town, I was watching one of the worst movies ever made, ("The Condemned") and the thought hit me to go shoot at night. I loaded up the gear and headed downtown.
Anyone who complains about parking near downtown is an idiot, I hardly ever pay for parking and even when I do it's a paltry five dollars. Since I walk all over anyways, I park for free over by the Bass Pro and hoof it.
I basically wandered my way around the canal with my Canon and my tripod. I was semi-surprised by all of the activity. Party-goers for sure but families and teenagers as well. As I walked deeper into Bricktown, I found myself enjoying the bustle of the nightlife. Strolling along the canal you get to experience the things you never see in the daytime, like the happenings inside of Red Pin bowling alley, the dancing bartenders at Coyote Ugly, or the revelers at Michael Murphy's piano bar.
I walk. I stop. I shoot. I adjust. I sweat. I watch. I listen. I enjoy.

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