But Not Without a Fight

Frank wrapped the heavy chain around the column of the front porch. He turned and looked out across the front yard, remembering the countless hours he spent playing catch. He thought about his parents, how his father would work countless hours out in the field, waking before sunrise every morning. And his mother, her work was never done, always cooking, cleaning or fussing about. He remembered his little sister, running around barefoot as a little kid, then running off to get married to Jimmy next door. He looked at the broken porch swing, and recounted the night he got his first kiss from little Susie Derkins and how ten years later he proposed to her on that very same swing. Frank’s eyes got moist thinking about Susie, the funeral fresh in his mind. He took a deep breath and wrapped the heavy chain around his torso and padlocked it tight to his chest. The bulldozers were coming in the morning to knock it all down.
But not without a fight.

This house was located about ten miles from Danville, KY right next door to my wife's son's house. I got permission from the owner to go up there and take some photos. This is a three shot HDR. I actually used a tripod on this one, a rarity.
The short story I wrote for this picture is part of my "1100 Words" project.
I didn't go in the house, although there were newspapers dated 2002 in a back storage area. The house is currently being torn down, the lumber is being sold off because of it's age.

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