In the Night Time

Well eight hundred million people
With nothing to say
They run around in circles
They just living the day
Stick with me baby
I'll show you how to fly
We'll make some pretty music
Watch the world go by

In the night time
Oh that's the right time
I say the night time
That's the right time
I wanna be with you
In the night time

-George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers

I love this view of the city
Is it just me or does everyone read it as "Chesapeake Arena Energy" instead of "Chesapeake Energy Arena."?

The falls are a new addition to the Myriad Gardens

This view is from the top of the parking garage overlooking Bricktown
The grass is blue from the neon of the Devon Boathouse

See, blue neon, see, I told you it was blue.

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